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Moby Dick Made Me Do It, a collection of nine poems, is Felicia Zamora's first chapbook.

Edition of 200 letterpress printed, hand sewn copies. Twenty-four pages, printed on Crane's Lettra 100% cotton letterpress paper. Cover printed on hand-made rag paper from the Inter-Ocean Curiosity Studio of Englewood, CO. Includes two original wood-engravings.


Praise for Moby Dick Made Me Do It

To the wounded text that is Moby Dick Felicia Zamora adds her own woundedness, the necessary poetic urge not only to say “I am I am” in echo and affirmation, but also “to open the opened” which keeps the wound a wound. Such poems offer us their vulnerable thinking by refusing to make an end of their crisis. Instead, we here find poems in which life is its own whaling voyage, filled with wonder and difficulty, seeking not destination, but realization and experience — that open ocean in which wonder and difficulty almost merge, almost become one.

— Dan Beachy-Quick

About the Poet

Felicia works as an academic advisor in the College of Business and is a Master of Fine Arts student in creative writing, both at Colorado State University. Published works may be found or forthcoming in A cappella Zoo, Matter, Weave Magazine, Slow Trains, and others.